Power of 5%

The Power of Local 5%
  • This 1:5 local/state ratio os the same ratio used in formulating Illinois’ base 6.25% Sales Tax Rate.
  • 5% State – 1% Local – .25% County
  • The Local 5% amounts to a 14.5% Vice Tax on your local business’ VGT proceeds.
  • The Local 5% amounts to a 7.25% Vice Tax on all VGT proceeds (not paid to other governmental agencies)

Still not convinced? Let us compare the potential revenue generated by the Local, VGT 5% tax (in liquor pouring establishments only) to the existing local tax revenues generated by all of Villa Park’s “Drinking and Eating Places”

Tax Amount
CY2011 Municipal Sales Tax (Drinking/Eating Places) $343,119
CY2011 Home Rule Sales Tax/td> $171,189
FY2011 Personal Property Replacement Tax (Entire Town) $139,211
VGT Gaming Tax (est. annual) $264,442.50
Add. Annual PPR Tax from VGT Gaming (assuming 30% location profit/1.5% tax) 23,799.83
Total Municipal Portion: Sales/PPR/Gaming Taxes $941,761.33
*44% increase in tax revenue from gaming
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